Here’s what you’ll discuss in the call

  • Your health goals, your focus areas and what else you want to discuss with Dr. Craven.
  • ​Obstacles holding you back from regaining your health.
  • ​Changes you need to make to overcome your current obstacles and be able to feel healthy again.
  • How to address what's ailing your body and begin to start feeling your best. 
  • Cleansing your body from toxins that may be preventing it from functioning at its fullest capacity (this alone will allow you to experience amazing results in a matter of days)

Here’s what you’ll discuss in the call

  • Your current medications that are making you feel drowsy or low on energy and would like to feel young again
  • You would like to discover a way to regain your health without risking becoming dependent on drugs or having to put chemicals into your body
  • ​Your cravings for junk food and would like to stop eating so much of it, but you haven’t found a reliable way to do so without feeling deprived
  • ​Your mental capacity being diminished and you would like to regain it in a natural and sustainable way that doesn’t include side effects 

Credibility of Our Expert

Dr. Craven is a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathy with 40 years of experience. She has helped hundreds of people regain their physical, mental, and emotional health through a ground-breaking natural approach that doesn’t require taking drugs or dealing with side effects. She is also a Medical Examiner for the Texas Department of Public Safety and a Designated Doctor for the Texas Department of Insurance/Workmen Compensation Division.

So many people have regained their health and are living their best lives!

This is what they are saying
“Since going through the detox, I have lost 15 pounds, have more energy, and have started a new phase in my life. I think clearing out old "toxins" has allowed me to be the person I was meant to be. I feel a totally different energy that allows me to connect with people rather than putting up barriers. Dr. Craven was a great guide and supporter through this process and was always there for me when I had a question or a problem. This detox process has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have done.”


Carrollton, TX
“Dr. Craven helped put me on the path to recovery. She gave me the tools, health regimes, and mental attitudes I needed to keep moving forward with the detox. I have noticed the best improvement in my mental capacity for recall, alertness, and the ability to focus. I would highly recommend Dr. Craven to anyone who has health concerns.”


Coppell, TX
“I had Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue symptoms and was unable to lose weight and I was not happy when I first came to see Dr. Craven. Since starting her detoxification program, the results have been outstanding. I am happy, lost weight and the symptoms of chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia subsided.”


Irving, TX
“After undergoing a full body detoxification, proper nutrition, and chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Craven, I am energetic and no longer have aches or pains. My back also feels 100% better. Dr. Craven’s thoroughness and gentleness greatly contributed to my speedy recovery.”


Dallas, TX
“I am so grateful to Dr. Craven. She helped me shed 30 pounds and most important my blood sugar is normal and in control since I am a Type II Diabetic. I felt fortunate to be in her program because she taught me to eat the right food combinations. It was challenging the first fifteen days of cleansing and detoxification in the Herbal Program. I struggled even more in the second phase of the program. Dr. Craven was right when she said: “Right now you are in the dark side of the tunnel, but at the end of the tunnel you will see the light, and you are going to feel much better and feel much healthier and happy” and she was right about that.”


Plano, TX
“Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Edna Craven for turning around my physical health and mental outlook on life. I have never experienced a more caring and patient doctor. She gave me the insights and wisdom I needed to do her full--body detox program, which added immeasurably to my physical wellness advancement. I highly recommend Dr. Craven and her program for anyone who desires to become well.”


Cedar Hills, TX
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